• Order Experts Never Chase

    Stop Marketing, And Start Growing Your Business By Creating More Conversations With The Right People


    Where is your next client coming from?

    That is the burning question that keeps many expert-based entrepreneurs tossing awake at night. Subject matter experts often feel like a best kept secret, and struggle to get that steady flow of new clients, because deep down we all know that chasing clients undermines your hard-won expertise.

  • Three Simple Steps

    To Create Dialogue That Drives More Sales


    How To Find And Meet New People In A Way That Also Makes New Friends


    Start Conversations Easily & Know Exactly What To Say


    Go From

    "Talking About The Weather...

    To Whether We Should Do Business Together"

  • Once You Learn The 4-Gears of Marketing Methodology

    You Will NEVER See Your Marketing The Same Way Again

    1st Gear Means

    More Conversations

    1st Gear is all about creating more conversations with the right people, which gives you the ability to go clients when you most need them.

    2nd Gear Means

    Content That Sells

    2nd Gear is all about ONLY creating the content that will create better sales conversations, and avoiding the rat race of content creation.

    3rd Gear Means

    Collaborations That Pay

    3rd Gear is about creating JV partnerships with other experts who already own the know, like, and trust with your right fit prospects.

    4th Gear Means

    Clicks That Convert

    4th Gear is about how to deliver a one-to-many marketing strategy that draws prospects deeper into your world, rather than driving them away with salesy marketing.

  • Meet Cat Stancik

    Cat, is the LEAD Boss, who can show how you to invest less than an hour a day to create another $100k to your business in just 90 days.


    The Founder of Action Incubator, the bestselling author of 7 Principles for a More Productive and Fulfilling Life, and the creator of the Lead Boss System, Cat doesn’t mess around when it comes to growing revenues or saving time.

  • Meet Tobin Slaven

    When experts are ready to create more conversations with perfect prospects, they call Tobin Slaven.


    He’s been called an introverted savant with a superpower for helping you find your tribe, and sparking conversations out of thin air.


    Tobin is the Head of School at Acton Academy Fort Lauderdale and one of the Founders of Book of Experts. With his consulting work he helps entrepreneurs find the easy path to dialogue that drives sales, without chasing.

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